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songs - music sheets - videos - custom blank music sheets - guitar foot stool - classical guitar strings for beginner to advanced with video techniques of how to play guitar in Classical and Flamenco music. 

My Name is Terry  I have been almost everywhere playing  Spanish Flamenco with dance groups and solo  guitar did shows in Toronto, Montreal, Washington DC, Miami, and Caribbean  islands – Curacao St.Vinsent,  Martinique, Antigua,  Trinidad,  Caracas,  Surinam, French Guyana , British Guyana,  New York,  and some other places cannot remember also did some live TV shows.

Also took guitar lessons  from  Lead Guitarist Ricardo Modrego of Jose Greco Group (father) usually Mr. Greco had with him 3 guitars I was asking one of them to teach me a few guitar techniques I even followed them to Montreal when they continued doing shows after Toronto, I have spent a lot of money in those days for lessons but it was all worth it.

Here in Toronto I was lucky enough  to see some VIP like Nana Mouskouri,  Flamenco Masters like Maestro Carlos Montoya,   Maestro Sabicas,    Maestro Juan Serrano, ---------------  Carlos Montoya Guitarist   1903-1993 --              Sabicas Guitarist  1912-1990
Juan  Serrano was born in 1935 Cordoba  Spain
he is going strong in Northern California
In 1961, Juan Serrano accepted an invitetion to come to US and perform on the Ed Sulivan Show, in 1962 he came and visited Toronto . Then he recorded a few records with Electra Record company,   then he came to Toronto and I met Maestro Serrano when he came to 71 Club coffee house then called  (71 cafe). As a person he is very good he will explain and give you tips regarding guitar techniques, to top it all Maestro Serrano is a very nice person to have as a company. Then,  we all bring our guitars and had a good time and with Juan Serrano present it was a bonus , I do anything to see Juan Serrano and take a picture with him,    NEW NOTE: I just have received the best gift in the world I have received a signed to me picture (Nov.2014)  from the Maestro Juan Serrano.                                            It was a great life those days for me, last time I have heard his location was  California.  I like flamenco so much that I could do it over again If I could go back in time with a small difference I would take some pictures with Carlos Montoya  Juan Serrano and Sabicas.

I also took lessons guitar for Flamenco Dancers with David Phillips guitarist and Paula Moreno Dancer Teacher with Flamenco Dancers in Toronto.

Then Spanish dance school David Phillips had invited Sabicas to the studio in Toronto and I was very happy to be able to see Sabicas ,

Now,  after all of that I just like to give some  back to you by teaching you how to play flamenco with the correct techniques  with videos  Rasqueado,  Arpeggio, Tremolo, Picado,  few Falsetas  and  guitar scales

I am teaching you the way I learned with very good teachers,  take a chance and order the Package  with Videos and Music      "How to Play guitar"  Volume 1  With Videos showing you How to play guitar in also slow motion techniques I have worked  very hard to make all the Videos and  the music for each song and do  the videos so in my website you will see the one is ready, to  see if it is ready to download send to : info@musicflamenco.com  This package is one of a kind you will see when you buy it.

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If you would like to see some of my Videos visit youtube

and type "desfiges" to see my channel. Also visit my Video Chanel www.musicflamencovideos.com  for downloads, free lessons, and members private lessons with tabs, upload your music, and so many other ther things.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions regarding the package or other questions,  please send to: info@musicflamenco.com   I will be very happy to receive your questions and comments.


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